Lion Brand By Kids For Kids Newsletter August 5 - Hacky Sack Juggling Balls, Picture Board, Party Ideas, Learn to Knit & Crochet with Pocket Pets

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  By Kids For Kids: August 5, 2005

Summer is flying by but its not too late to still have fun!  This week, we have something for everyone -- some awesome juggling balls to try with your friends, party bags and ideas to make birthday parties.    We also have the third pocket pet in our learn-to-knit series PLUS a super-cute picture board that'll look great in any room. 

Quick Party Favors!

Fun Fur pencil toppers: buy colorful pencils.   Secure Fur Fur with a dab of hot melt glue and, using glue as needed, wrap the top of the pencil for an explosion of color!

Fun Fur Party Favors


-- Elizabeth and Emily --

Make these cool hacky-sack juggling balls


Juggling Fun!

Suffering from late summer boredom? 

Quick steps to recovery!

  1. Get a little Microspun yarn, some stuffing and your needles
  2. Use our hip pattern to make your own, customized hacky-sack-style balls
  3. Find a few friends
  4. Have a blast!

Make this pretty picture board for dorm, home or work area Incredible Picture Board
Use a free cardboard box, fabric and bright yarn to make a custom picture board for your room or work area! Makes a great gift!
  1. Cut corrugated cardboard to the size you want for your board;
  2. Cut fabric to fit plus several inches on both sides
  3. Secure fabric with hot melt glue;
  4. Cut Incredible ribbon yarn strips to length (long enough to go from the back to the front crossways) and secure with hot glue -- be sure to pull yarn tight!
  5. Use fancy tacks where yarn crosses

fancy tacks are cute!

Pocket Pet of the Week

Have you mastered that sneaky skunk yet?  Are you ready for a little more challenge? 

Get ready to meet Radish the Radical Raccoon!

Make Radish and  learn how to do knitting increases and decreases!

Make Radish the Radical Raccoon and learn how to do increases and decreases

Personalized party bags Great Party Tips!

Personalized balloons

Planning a birthday party for kids who can't read yet?  Here is a great way to keep things straight!  Pick as many different colors of yarns as you'll have kids attending (we used 5 different colors of BIG yarn.)    Use the yarn to decorate and customize everything that the kids will be using -- goodie bags, hats, balloons -- the works!  As the guests arrive, tie 'their' color yarn around their wrist and tell them that anything with that color is theirs.   No one will mistake their party bag again!

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