Lion Brand By Kids For Kids Newsletter August 19 - Back To School - Accessories - Hair Ties, Belts, Makeup Bag, Learn-to-Knit Pocket Pet Fox

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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids For Kids: August 19, 2005


Back 2 School!

It's about time for school to start!  (Can you believe it!?!)

This issue focuses on fun things to make and wear for that first day of school and all the days thereafter!   Little accessories -- belts, hair ties and even a makeup bag to help organize your backpack and make this the best school year ever!


Quick Tip

Want to jazz up boring school folder? Use a hot glue gun and yarn leftovers. Trace out a fun design on the folder, glue down the yarn and maybe a few jewels and then you'll be ready for school in style!

A little glue and left over yarn makes your folders special!

-- Elizabeth and Emily --

Make this great hippie style tie belt  

Hippie-style Belts

Have you seen the belts from the '60's and '70's that are now coming back into style??

Well we  think they're super cute, so we've made an easy pattern for you.

Make this great concho belt from Lion Suede yarn

Tied "Hippie" Belt

Lion Suede Concho Belt

Make this cute beaded scrunchy hair tie! Fun Scrunchies   Is your usual ponytail looking kind of plain?? Try these two easy patterns to spice up your hairstyle!   The beaded one makes great babysitting project because the only skill required is the ability to make a loop and thread beads.  Even a kindergartener will be able to proudly say "I made it myself!!"

 These are only some of the types of beads you could use!

Crochet this fun fuzzy scrunchy hair tie

Beaded Scrunchy Hair Tie

Crochet Scrunchy

Pocket Pet of the Week

Did you have fun with Radish the Radical Raccoon?    And are you ready for a little more challenge? 

Get ready to meet our Firey Little Fox and learn how to pick up and add stitches!

Our Pocket Pets projects start from the simple beginnings and teach basic knitting and crochet skills in  simple steps through a series of increasingly-challenging projects.   Each project results in a small stuffed animal.  Click to view the complete series.

Learn to pick up stitches with our firey little fox.

This pretty festive fur makeup bag needs no special ornamentation to be beautiful!

Makeup Bag 
Are you tired of keeping your makeup in a Zip-Lock baggie in your back-pack?  Maybe that was great for LAST year, but its just NOT the coolest look even if it is cheap and practical.

We have just the bag for you, made out of sparkly Festive Fur!!  It's easy to make and it won't break the bank.  AND it is exactly sized so you can put that ol' Zip-Lock in it if you really want to.

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