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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: December 6, 2005


Holiday Fun

Welcome to our December issue of BK4K! 

Its December already and finals and holidays are coming!  Time is getting tight, so this month we're bringing you a group of fun and quick gift ideas that you can make in an hour or less.

What's the best gift?  For a truly unforgettable gift, give the gift of knitting or crochet!   You never forget the person who taught you and it is a skill for life!.   Just package up some yarn and a set of kids needles or a hook for your very own 'Learn to Knit Kit' or 'Learn to Crochet Kit, set a teaching date and make a friend happy!

-- Elizabeth and Emily --

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One Size Fits All!

Give the gift of your craft!

Warm up with this super-soft, luxurious ear-warmer of Tiffany yarn For Friends: Winter Sports Earwarmer and Neck-warmer

These easy-to make ear-warmers and neckwarmers ward of winter's chill with soft angora-like Tiffany yarn. 

Want to make them as a sports headband for a boy?  Just use a more conservative yarn like Wool-ease or Lion Cotton.

A soft Tiffany neck-warmer will drive away the winter chill!

Hot, Hot, HOT Ear-Warmer Luxurious Neck-Warmer

Make this headband for YOUR angel baby!

For Babies: Angel Baby Headband

Got a little sister, young relative or baby that you sit for?  

Who perhaps doesn't have any hair yet?

Are you just a LITTLE tired of answering that same question when you take them out: 'Is it a boy or is it a girl?'

This great little pink-and-gold headband is quick to make and lets everyone who sees that baby know just what kind of a little angel they are!

For the Pre-Teen Crowd: Simple Doll Clothes & Play Sets
Make these fun and quick one-of-a-kind doll outfits and play sets for someone who is of the age to enjoy the 'Barbie' style 11˝ fashion doll!

Make the knit or crochet outfit and playset Dressed for the holiday! Bright and sparkly dress !
Chicks with Sticks! 
Make the doll poncho, the doll sweater and the knitting or crochet play sets!
Dressed for holiday fun in the Glamorous Dress and Stole Make the Bright and Sparkly Dress for a bit of glitz!

For the Family: Heirloom Decorations

Felted Swedish Cone Ornament

Our Swedish babysitter showed us how to make these felted cone ornaments when we were little and they've been part of our family decorating tradition ever since!

Make this great ornament for the knitter in your life! Hooked on Crochet?  This ornament's for you!
'Love to Knit' Ornament 'Hooked on Crochet' Ornament
Make this pretty Chanukah garland This great garland will brighten any tree!
Felted Swedish Cone Ornament Chanukah Garland Christmas Garland

For a Teacher: Ribbon-Trimmed Vase

Your teacher probably has enough things with apples on them already!   If they have been teaching for 10 years and have had 30 kids per year in their class ... it doesn't take higher math to figure out that they might like something different!

Brighten their holidays by following our easy pattern for decorating a small vase or bottle with ribbon yarn and items that you can find on a walk in your neighborhood.  

Add flowers from the grocery or garden for a quick, unique and inexpensive gift!

Customize a vase

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