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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: January, 2006


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a fun and happy New Year's! One of our friends had a little accident during the holiday, so we're passing on our patterns for an unusual item -- a special sock to keep your toes warm when you are wearing a cast on your leg!  If your toes are warm, but your fingers are cold, we also have a beautiful muff pattern to keep your hands warm!

Everyone loved our 'chicks with sticks' fashion doll patterns last month, so they are back this month and this time, the pattern is for two doll-sized versions of the popular 'criss-cross' shrug from the new catalog!  Just for fun, we're including a pattern for doll-sized Speed Stix and a doll-sized copy of the new Lion Brand Catalog to print from your computer.

-- Elizabeth and Emily --

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Wreath Pattern

For a great, simple project for baby-sitting, try our string art Valentine's day wreath:

This 'string art' wreath is fun to make -- a great craft project for kids

All it takes is school glue, some glitter and Lion Cotton.  Two balls of yarn is enough for a party or a classroom!

Beating the Winter Chill with our Felted 'Sable' Muff
Wear the fur side of the muff inside for maximum warmth Cold hands?

Make a luxurious felted muff to keep them warm!

Felting makes the Lion Wool outside thick to cut the chilly wind.  A soft lining of angora-like Tiffany adds elegance and comfort to make your hands the warmest ever!

Wear the muff reversed for the luxurious look of fur

Worn with felted side out

Worn reversed with 'fur' outside

Announcing Lion Brand special pattern formats for our visually-impaired customers

Did you know that Braille was invented by a kid?  It is true!  Louis Braille was only 15 when he devised the alphabet used today.   And starting with this issue, all the patterns from BK4K now are offered in three versions -- one of which is designed to be used by devices that produce Braille!

For kids who are visually impaired, every pattern includes two new links at the top:

  • The first link formats the pattern to be read in large-format type or by text-to-speech browsers;
  • The second link formats the pattern so it can be read by devices that produce Braille

We've also added color descriptions to all our yarns and added special features to patterns and the pattern directories that are not visible to sighted readers but that make it easier to understand the patterns when they are read by text-to-speech browsers. We welcome your suggestions and comments.  Please send them to

The Chicks with Sticks Make Shrugs

Make the full-sized version of the criss-cross shrug
Make these two simple doll shrugs for your fashionista Barbie!

The chicks with sticks have been busy enjoying their Speed Stix and their new Lion Brand Catalog. 

And you can too, by making our doll-sized version of the popular new crisscross shrug or the cuffed doll shrug (pattern for miniature Speed Stix and catalog are included!!)

Make the cuffed doll shrug or the crisscross doll shrug

Get the full-size pattern

Winter holidays were great but one of our friends broke his leg!   We took pity on his cold toes and made two special 'socks' to go over his cast.  The striped cast sock is made of super-soft Lion Cashmere Blend in our school colors:

Its cute, but the one he really liked is the one that looks like a diamond-back rattler because it carries a clear message about his sore foot -- "Don't Tread on Me!"

This cute sock in the shape of a diamond-back rattler carries a clear message about your sore foot -- Don't Tread on Me!

Diamond-Back Rattler Cast Sock

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