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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: February, 2006


Happy Valentines!

New Year's resolutions are not far behind us and some people are still trying to keep them!  Is your mom going around muttering 'a moment on the lips, forever on the hips'?  If so, it might not be a good idea to give her chocolate for Valentines Day!  And besides, no matter what the rhyme says, chocolate does not last forever and it is nice to give a gift that will be around for a while!

In this issue, we feature pretty (and non-fattening) gifts that you can make for Valentine's day plus some fun projects to make indoors when the weather outside is wet and cold!

-- Elizabeth and Emily --

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For the Birds...

Save those yarn ends and when nesting season comes, put the little scraps out where the birds will find them

Save your yarn ends and make the birds happy in nesting season!

Happy nestlings in the Spring and beautiful decorations in your trees when the leaves come off in the Fall!

Heart Hot Pads and Potholders

Our simple heart-shaped potholders take only an hour or two and will be enjoyed all year!

Made out of thick, durable Lion Cotton, these can be used on the table or at the stove.  They get thicker and better when washed and they won't quickly burn through or develop thin spots like the ones from the store!

Make the knitted heart potholdercrocheted heart potholder or the lacy knit heart potholder

Crochet or knit these heart hotpads in an hour or two

Make this pretty and inexpensive picture frame from corrugated cardboard and Fun Fur Soft Heart Picture Frame

For a wonderful Valentine's gift that is pretty and personal, make this inexpensive little heart-shaped picture frame.  

The frame is made of free corrugated cardboard and Fun Fur.

Add your favorite picture or drawing and wait for the compliments!

Spool Knitting - Felted Valentines Bear
Click here to find out how to make a spool knitter Spool knitters are a simple tool that provides hours of fun and creativity -- and you don't have to know how to knit to use one!   Click here for instructions on how to make spool knitter or click here to buy one.  Then use your new spool knitter to create braid and make the little felted Valentine's bear.
Click here to learn how to use a spool knitter Make our simple felted bear with your spool knitter!
Want to learn more about spool knitting? 

Check out Spool Speak -- the Lion Brand Yarn Blog devoted to the art of spool knitting.  Learn how to make a spool knit valentine on the January 26 post of Spool Speak, make a spool-knit vest for your little bear and much more!

Click here to learn how to make a spool knit valentine

The Tale of the Cinderella Scarf

Its cold outside!  

A fun activity for a group -- class, Brownie troop or just a bunch of friends -- is a scarf party!

Everyone brings a muffler or scarf to decorate and one skein of yarn.  When all the skeins of yarn are put together, there will be plenty of interesting colors and textures to choose from!

The organizers supply tools -- crochet hooks, scissors and large-eyed blunt needles.  Hot cider and cookies are optional but recommended!

Before the Party
Boring at best and un-wearable at worst!
Before our scarf party, the scarves were boring and some were ugly!
After the Party!
After the party, our scarves were beautiful and interesting!
If the scarves are tired and ugly, so much the better because there is no way that they can be made worse!  

One scarf we had -- a positively ancient acrylic number -- was so pathetic that even the dog wouldn't play with it!  But when we added embroidery and bright fringe, it became the 'Cinderella story' of our party!

Click for the patterns for adding loop fringe to a scarf, adding pom-pom fringe to a scarf or using duplicate stitch embroidery to embellish a scarf.

Then dig an old scarf out of the closet, visit your yarn stash and get ready to surprise yourself!

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