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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: April, 2006


Happy SPRING!!!!

WOW!  It's SPRING   Spring break, Spring holidays and lots of family fun to look forward to!

We have a great selection of holiday crafts in this issue.  For those who celebrate Easter, we've got cute,  easy-to-make hot pads and sparkling easy-to-make Easter ornaments; for those who hunt for the afikomen at Passover, we've got a special bag to protect it!    Plus, we've got a design for a new warm baby afghan that is soft, thick and feels just like lambskin -- but that is pretty and washable!


-- Elizabeth and Emily --

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The Best Nest

Last Spring, we put out small scraps of yarn on lawn for the birds.  We found this beautiful nest in the Fall!   If you do this, be sure to cut the yarn short -- 2 inches [5 cm] or less -- so it does not get twisted around the baby bird's legs and hurt them by accident.
Make a bird happy by setting out your yarn scraps!
Lola appears in the main Lion Brand Newsletter P.P.S. Be sure to watch for the new 'Lola' cartoon in the regular Lion Brand Newsletter -- coming tomorrow! 

String Art Eggs

We got so many nice comments about the string art wreath in our Valentine's day issue, that we used the same basic technique to make these darling eggs.    Using water balloons as a base (we filled them with air NOT water), we created these sparkling sun-catching eggs.

Click here to find out how!   This is a great group project because one ball of yarn is enough for an entire group.

These pretty, glittering Easter ornaments are simple to make!

Make this felted afikomen bag part of your family's tradition!

Felted Afikomen Bag

Make and decorate this felted afikomen bag and add it to your family's Passover traditions!

What's an afikomen? During the Passover Seder, there are three matzohs on the table.   The middle matzoh is broken and half returned to the plate.  The leader of the Seder takes the other half and hides it.  The Seder can't be finished until the hidden afikomen is found!   The children hunt for the afikomen and the one who finds it gets to ask for a little reward so the afikomen can be used to finish the Seder.

This bag protects the afikomen while it is being hidden (and also makes sure there won't be crumbs left in its hiding place!)

Warm Clouds
Newborn / Preemie Blanket

This is a thick, warm and incredibly soft afghan to knit or to crochet

Perfect over baby on chilly days, it is also wonderful on warmer ones as a seat or crib liner -- ensures air circulation under delicate skin

Its made from Jiffy and Tiffany -- acrylic and nylon yarns -- so that it is as soft as fine lambskin, but contains no harsh animal fibers to irritate baby's tender skin. 

Fully washable (air dry), it will get even softer with each washing.

This fabulous soft blanket is perfect over baby on chilly days and wonderful as a seat liner on warmer ones.

Knit or crochet these simple easter-egg hot pads

Easter Egg Hot Pads

Crochet or knit our cheerful Easter-egg shaped pot holders -- they make up in an hour and are a perfect gift if you are going to someone's house for Easter dinner!

The pretty pastel colors come from using Sherbet Swirl Lion Cotton -- the colors change by themselves!

Spool-Knitting Project

Our spool knitting project for this month -- a rabbit-shaped hot pad -- is a little more challenging than some of our earlier ones. 

You'll be changing colors while knitting and then assembling the bunny from four separate pieces.

When he's done, he'll protect your table from hot pots and do it with a smile!

Make this bunny hot pad with your spool knitter!

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