Lion Brand By Kids For Kids (BK4K) Newsletter October, 2006

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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: October, 2006


Spool Knit Jolly Roger Jack O' Lantern Hot Pad

Jolly Pirate Jack O' Lantern Hotpad

We were inspired by one of our very favorite movies this summer to make a jolly pirate jack o' lantern hot pad for our October table!


 Happy FALL!!!!

School has started and the weather is cooling.  This is our senior year in high school and the autumn afternoons and evenings are filled with activities, homework and more activities!  

In this issue, we feature scarves and hats to make in school colors -- they're perfect for those autumn outdoor sports events and you'll be needing them with your letter jacket when it gets even cooler in the coming months.

We've also included some things you can make for Halloween -- one of our favorite holidays!


-- Elizabeth and Emily -- 

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Ruffled Wristlets

Getting ready for Halloween, we were inspired by the new Ruffles yarn to create these over-the-top fingerless gloves to go with our Goth costume, but after we made them, we realized that they're also perfect for keeping hands warm when knitting or keyboarding.

See the tutorial on knitting with Ruffles yarn for details on how to cast on and knit with this product.



Ruffled Wristlets

Ruffled Wristlets

Make the pom pom spirit scarf and beanie

Pom-Pom Scarf and Beanie

We made this long skinny spirit scarf with a pom-pom fringe and the matching striped beanie in our school colors using Wool-Ease.  

Wool-Ease comes in so many colors that this pattern will be great for any school!


Make the knitted beanie and scarf

Ruffled Spirit Scarf

Its Fall and Fall means Football.  We wear our school colors and win or lose, we have a great time cheering at the game!

Make this school spirit scarf of Lion Wool and the new Ruffles yarn.  

We used duplicate stitch to put the initials of our school on the scarf.  Pick your own initials from the chart that comes with the pattern, use your own school colors and make a scarf that is uniquely yours!


School Spirit Scarf

Ruffled School Spirit Scarf

Rolled Edge Sprts Band Sports Wrist Bands

These wristbands are in two versions.  One that is a perfect
beginner project and one that is a little more complicated
because it uses three colors of yarn.


This simple sports band is a great first project

Rolled Edge Sports Band

Beginner Sports Band

Teaching Numbers to Toddlers

We babysit for a girl who is learning her numbers.  We made some simple lacing cards by using 'follow-the-dots' pictures and punching holes in the paper where the dots are (we had to fold the paper a little to do so.) We put tape on the ends of a piece of Chenille to make it into lace.  She had fun following the numbers and figuring out the pictures!

Note:  Be sure to print the picture on heavy-duty paper so it holds up well when the lace goes through it.

Lacing Fun with connect-the-dots pictures

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