Lion Brand By Kids For Kids (BK4K) Newsletter February, 2007

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Lion Brand Yarn

  By Kids, For Kids: February, 2007



Working in the Round

This issue focuses on projects that are made in the round -- where the crocheting or knitting is done in a continuous spiral.   Crocheting in a round is very easy and, using a circular needle, knitting in the round can be very simple too.

We also have two new projects for the Knifty Knitter circular loom.


-- Elizabeth -- 

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Circular Needles

Tutorial on how to use circular needles.

Click here for our new tutorial


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

We were inspired by the new Lion Organic Cotton to create this fantastic, stretchy bag -- it holds a TON of stuff but collapses easily.  Lion Organic Cotton is not dyed, but grows naturally in brown, green and white!

Because the bottom and the handle are all one piece, knit on circular needles, the handle won't ever come off.

Let the store keep their paper or plastic and take your bag shopping again and again!

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

Eco-Friendly Knit Shopping Bag

Sleepy Kitty Draft Dodger

Got Drafts?

This brightly striped kitty, crocheted of Fur Fur and Lion Cotton, will snooze happily on your windowsill and keep drafts out all winter long!

Sleepy Kitty Crocheted Draft Dodger

Knifty Knitter

We love our Knifty Knitter!  There are four sizes of looms for different projects  We used the  blue one to make this easy felted holder for our water bottle; the red loom makes a holder large enough for a soda, wine or large-size water bottle.
 Get a Knifty Knitter!

Felted Bottle Holder

Knifty Knitter Loom Set - On sale now for just $14.99

Knifty Knitter Felted Bottle Cozy

Knifty Knitter Ballet Leggings   


Knifty Knitter Dance Leggings

These warm-up leggings were easy to make using our Knifty Knitter and are perfect in a drafty dance gym!

Knifty Knitter Ballet Leggings

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