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Lion Brand Yarn   By Kids, For Kids: August, 2007

End Of Summer Picnic

It is the end of summer and school will soon be starting, so it is a great time for a last warm-weather picnic and party!   On our uncle's ranch, there is no power and a drip-cooler is used to keep things fresh in the summer.   We used the same principle to create a set of bottle coolers that will naturally chill beverages at your picnic or while camping without the use of ice or refrigerants as long as you have water.

To go with our 'Americana' theme, we made a new strap for our guitar -- perfect for campfire sing-alongs and other fun occasions.

And for the littlest ones at the party, we created a new and easy-to-use felted soaker.

-- Elizabeth -- 

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Naturally Cool

Ever wonder how people chilled things before they had the refrigerators, ice-makers and insulated coolers of today?


These bottle coolers take advantage of this natural property.   Simply place the bottle inside, dip in water and hang or place the cooler in the shade where there is a breeze.   Dampen again as needed.

Even on hot days, you'll find your soda stays pleasantly cool without the use of any energy except the natural breeze!

Evaporative Beverage Coolers

Americana Cooler to knit or crochet (left) and Crochet Cooler (right)


Fun Around the Campfire

Knit or Crochet felted guitar strap
Make the crochet version or knitted version

We wanted a strap for our guitar that was just a little bit different. 

A guitar strap is the last thing you want to stretch and felting was the perfect solution to making it strong and thick!


Day-to-Night Soaker

A lot of people wrote and said that they loved the pattern for little ruffled soaker we published earlier this spring but said they wanted a one that could be lightly felted for nighttime use.  And some people (mostly daddies) didn't like putting those teensy baby feet through cuffs.

We designed this simple, wrap-around soaker that is just fastened together with Velcro.  It can be felted and fits snugly enough for night-time use.

Day-to-Night Knitted Soaker
Knit Soaker Pattern


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