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Lion Brand Yarn
By Kids, For Kids: December 2008

Amigurumi for Beginners

'Tis the season to start making holiday gifts, so learn to make your own amigurumi creatures! What's an amigurumi? Amigurumi comes from the Japanese words, meaning "yarn" and "stuffed toy" -- they're cute, fun, and easily customizable. With just a few easy skills, you can design fun and easy presents for everyone. Don't forget to make one for yourself!


Create Creatures of All Kinds

Make your own creations without patterns! After mastering some very simple shapes, you can create your own designs of animals, humans, or even aliens.

Our friend Shira made her pal Gloria with just squares, circles, fringe, and embroidery.

Get started with the directions below!

Assembled Pieces

Examples of Assembled Creatures

Stick with the Basics!

Basic ShapesYou don't need to be an expert to create your own designs. Here are some examples of easy pieces that we made with Vanna's Choice Baby in Chocolate Cake, Sweet Pea, Lullaby Pink, and Bluebell that you can use, pictured to the right:

Make your pieces any size and shape you choose! We decreased on both sides for our triangles, but you can also just decrease on one side for right triangles. For our green rectangles, we cast on 20 stitches and knit every row for 7". For the brown rectangles, we chained 15 and single crocheted until we got 7".

You can also use ribbons, buttons, French knots, pom-poms, or anything else you can imagine! Need help learning how to French knot? Click here for directions.

After you've made all of your shapes, it's time to sew them together! Sew all of the pieces onto the body before sewing the body together. Leave a small hole if you want to stuff your amigurumi, then push fiberfill stuffing through the hole and sew it closed.

These easy steps will help you make more than just toys. Add a string to the top to make a fun holiday ornament. You can also leave one side open to make a decorative pouch, great for holding music players, candy, and other treats.

Fun Alien Critters

Want more inspiration for making your own creatures? Go to and search "amigurumi" OR try our Alien Critter patterns:

Alien Critters

Alien Critters

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