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Loom Knit PandaKumusta ka Friend!

Knitting on a loom is a great way to craft; it's comfortable, easy on your hands, and there is a huge variety of projects you can make!  We've featured the Martha Stewart CraftsTM Knit & Weave Loom Kit a few times because it is an easy-to-use tool that can help you make all sorts of projects, including this adorable loom-knit panda.

Making the panda is simple with the step-by-step instructions written by the innovative loom knitting and weaving designer, Noreen Crone-Findlay.

Click here for the pattern.

Loom Knit Panda With Child

Loom knitting is also a great activity to do with kids. Once you have the loom set up and have gotten the project started, why not let the child in your life knit a few rows? Knitting on a loom can be easier for little hands than working with regular knitting needles, and the colorful pegs make it easy to show children how to form a stitch. Kids will always remember how they helped knit their treasured teddy bear!

As always, we hope you'll keep playing and keep on creating!

Your friends,

The YarnPlayers

P.S. Now you know how to say "hello" in Tagalog -- next month, learn a greeting in another language!

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Martha Stewart Crafts Knit &
                                Weave Loom Kit

Martha Stewart CraftsTM Knit & Weave Loom Kit

Compact enough to take anywhere, the Knit & Weave Loom Kit makes knitting and weaving easy enough for both beginners and pros. Use the instructions to create scarves, hats, blankets, and crafts, or explore other possibilities on your own!

Learn more & order.

Watch a video about the loom.

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