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Wrapped in Color

Williams College, 2012

First in the family to go to college. Not to study agriculture at the U, but physics at Williams.

Loans and grants and the largesse of wealthy alumni made it possible. Plus a work study job in the library's special collections. Still the trip out from Nebraska had cost his folks a chunk. No way could he pop back to visit them. Nor could they afford to visit him.

He missed them all. Even the hogs.

The package arrived the day before Parents' Weekend. Wrapped in a grocery sack addressed to him in his mother's fine cursive.

He opened it in his room. Examined it under his study lamp. The blocks of color glowed. Brilliant. The pattern reminded him of white light refracted through a prism, creating a spectrum more complicated than rainbow. The twelve colors were hand knit in six long strips. Silky soft and fragrant with the richness of his mom's lemon hand creme. Large enough to wrap around him. Like a hug.

Light Spectrum Afghan
The Light Spectrum Afghan, delivering a sophisticated scientific touch of home to those close to our hearts.

A tale by Agnes Honor Auden.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is pure coincidental.


Agnes Honor Auden is a life-long yarn lover. She enjoys spinning tales about her favorite yarns and patterns. She lives in a small cottage by the sea where inland and water birds stop by her front porch to gather snips and strands of her violet wool for their nests.

Silky Twist
Silky Twist

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