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In This Issue: January 11, 2013

Meet Zpagetti: Eco-Chic & Limited Edition

6 Patterns in Zpagetti

3 Cozy Projects in Homespun

All Colors of Homespun Only $5.99

YarnCraft Explores One-Skein Project Ideas

Crochet Snowflake: White Dew; Video: How to Style a Cowl

Meet Zpagetti: Eco-Chic & Limited Edition Send to a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this
Watch a video about
                                        Zpagetti Yarn

Say hello to Zpagetti, a super bulky yarn made from fabric remnants from garment manufacturing. Strong enough for bags and bowls, but comfortable enough for accessories, this stylish yarn works up quickly for great fast-finish projects.

Because the fabric used to make Zpagetti is repurposed, this yarn is not only eco-friendly, but it's also limited edition--every colorway is one-of-a-kind.

Watch a video.

See example colors & order.

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Bold Style: 6 Patterns in Zpagetti Send to a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this
Cascading Strands
Crafted Cascading Strands Necklace
in Zpagetti
Braided Rug
Braided Rug
in Zpagetti
Crochet Gentle
Medium Crocheted Bowl
in Zpagetti
Crochet Mini Market
Crochet Mini Market Bag
in Zpagetti
Crochet Calm
Twisted Strands Necklace
in Zpagetti
Knit Nimbus Clutch
  Knit Nimbus Clutch
in Zpagetti
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Stay Warm & Toasty: 3 Cozy Projects in Homespun Send to a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this
Cozy Cowl Neck Poncho
Crochet Cozy Cowl Neck Poncho
in Homespun
Crochet Simplicity Cowl
Crochet Simplicity Cowl
in Homespun
Knit Splendid
                                              Triangle Shawl
Knit Splendid Triangle Shawl
in Homespun
Cozy up with silky-soft Homespun, perfect for winter accessories and afghans. Try our painterly
colors which reveal subtle color-changes as you knit or crochet!
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Save 20% Off Homespun Through Jan. 17! Send to a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this
Sale: Homespun Only $5.99. Shop
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YarnCraft: Popular One-Skein Project Ideas Send to a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this
Want to treat yourself to a special project this January? YarnCraft shares ideas to use up that luxurious or unique single skein. Plus, we share New Year's resolutions for knitters & crocheters.
Click here to listen directly [MP3] or click here to find us on iTunes.
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Crochet Snowflake: White Dew

White Dew snowflakeThis season, we're featuring 10 designs from the beautiful new book 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio, courtesy of our friends at St. Martin's Griffin.

This is our last snowflake of the series! Thank you for joining us for each of these designs. You can find all of the snowflakes, as well as other motifs and stitches in our StitchFinder.
View the instructions for the White Dew snowflake.

Video: How to Style a Cowl

How to style a cowl

See 3 ways to wear a cowl or infinity scarf, as well as some of our favorite patterns.

Watch the video.

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