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Cable Bag
Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®
Pattern Number: 80396AD This classic cabled bag looks great with any outfit.

SKILL LEVEL:  Intermediate (Level 3)
SIZE: One Size
About 12 x 12 in. (30.5 x 30.5 cm) not including handles



640-099 Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn: Fisherman

Natural cream

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 9.49

Lion Brand Knitting Needles Size 11 [8 mm]
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 5.95

Lion Brand Cable Needles (Set of 2)
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 2.49

Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6)
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 3.59

Additional Materials
2 wooden dowels, each 12 in. (30.5 cm) long, 3/8 in. (10 mm) diameter 4 wooden ball caps to fit dowels 12 x 24 in. (38 x 61 cm) piece of fabric for lining Sewing needle and thread Craft glue
9 sts + 14 rows = 4 in. (10 cm) in rev St st (p on RS, k on WS) When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. The needle or hook size called for in the pattern is based on what the designer used, but it is not unusual for gauge to vary from person to person. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make your swatch, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles. Making a Gauge Swatch
Exact gauges is not imporant to this project.

2/2 RC (2 over 2 right cross) Sl 2 sts to cable needle and hold in back, k2, then k2 from cable needle.

2/3 RC (2 over 3 right cross) Sl 2 sts to cable needle and hold in back, k3, then k2 from cable needle.

2/3 LC (left cross of 2 over 3) Sl next 2 sts to a cable needle and leave at the front of your work, k3 then k2 from cable needle.


Cast on 29 sts.

Work in rev St st (p on RS, k on WS) until piece measures 4.5 in.

(11.5 cm) from beg, end with a WS row.

Cable Pattern
Row 1 (RS): P14, k1, p14.

Row 2 and all WS rows: K the knit sts and p the purl sts.

Row 3: P13, k3, p13.

Row 5: P12, k5, p12.

Row 7: P11, k7, p11.

Row 9: P10, k2, 2/3 RC, k2, p10.

Row 11: P9, k11, p9.

Row 13: P8, k13, p8.

Row 15: P7, k2, 2/3 LC, k1, 2/3 LC, k2, p7.

Row 17: P6, k17, p6.

Row 19: P5, k19, p5.

Row 21: P4, k2, 2/3 RC, k1, 2/3 RC, k1, 2/3 RC, k2, p4.

Row 23: P3, k23, p3.

Row 25: P2, k25, p2.

Row 27: K3, (2/3 LC, k1) 3 times, 2/3 LC, k3.

Work 5 rows in rev St st.

Bind off.

Work as for Front.

STRAP (make 2)
Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1 (RS): Knit.

Row 2: Purl.

Rows 3-10: Rep Rows 1 and 2.

Row 11: K1, 2/2 RC, k1.

Row 12: Purl.

Rep Rows 1-12 until piece measures about 22 in.

(56 cm) from beg.

Bind off.

Seam cast on edges of Back and Front for bottom of Bag.

Seam sides to within 5 in.

(12.5 cm) of top.

From WS, sew diagonally across bottom corners to square base of Bag.

Weave in ends.

Fold fabric lining piece in half.

Seam sides.

Slip lining into Bag.

Fold top, raw edge of lining to WS.

Sew folded lining edge to WS of Bag.

Fold top edge of Front and Back of Bag about 1 1/2 in.

(3.8 cm) to WS and sew in place to make casing for dowels.

Slide dowels into casings, then glue caps onto dowels.

Sew straps to WS at top edge of Back and Front of Bag.

Weave in ends.

k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 together
k3tog = knit 3 together
p = purl
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
RS = right side
st(s) = stitch(es)
tbl = through the back loop
tog = together
WS = wrong side
k = knit
p = purl
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
RS = right side
St st = Stockinette stitch
tog = together
WS = wrong side
beg = begin(s)(ning)
k = knit
p = purl
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
Rev St st = reverse stockinette stitch
RS = right side
sl = slip
St st = Stockinette stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
WS = wrong side

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