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Luggage Tag
Lion Brand® Fun
Pattern Number: 90262D Spot your luggage quickly and easily with these brightly colored luggage tags.

SKILL LEVEL:  Easy (Level 2)
SIZE: One Size
About 4 in. (10 cm) diameter.

PUBLISHED IN: By Kids, For Kids



99-109 Fun Yarn: Blue

Royal blue

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 0.00
Note: (A)

99-130 Fun Yarn: Green

Medium green

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 1.39
Note: (B)

99-133 Fun Yarn: Orange

Vivid orange

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 1.39
Note: (C)
Additional Materials
Darice Craft Designer Cork Collection cork discs, 4 in (10 cm) x 3 mm, 1 package White paper Craft glue MATERIALS OPTION Cardboard Craft glue White paper Hole punch


TAG Cut a 4 in.

(10 cm) diameter circle from paper for each Tag.

Glue paper circle to one side of cork disc and allow to dry.

From uncovered side of disc, insert a pin through the small hole along one edge of disc.

Move pin around the hole to create an opening in the paper.Apply a small amount of glue to opposite side of disc.

Beginning at center of disc,glue yarn in desired colors in a spiral.

Continue to apply glue and yarn to cover disc, then to make a border on remaining side of disc, leaving center of paper-covered side uncovered for name tag.

Allow to dry.

If making tag from cardboard, cut 4 in.

(10 cm) diameter circles from both cardboard and paper.

Glue paper circle to one side of cardboard circle.

Allow to dry.

With hole punch, punch a hole in cardboard about 1/4 in.

(6 mm) inside outer edge.Cover cardboard tag with yarn following instructions for cork disc.

Braided Tie Cut 3 strands of yarn, in colors as desired, each 30 in.

(76 cm) long.

Knot strands tog at one end and braid.

Knot remaining end.

Fold braid in half.

Draw fold through hole in the tag and the yarn strands covering it, forming a loop.

Pull ends of braid through this loop.

Pull to tighten.

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