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Storyteller's Afghan
Lion Brand® Fishermen's Wool® - Bonbons®
Pattern Number: L20502 As seen in our 2013 catalog (click here to view the catalog online), this afghan inspires you to be creative by telling your own story with each piece-giving this project a very personalized touch. No two afghans will ever be the same.

SKILL LEVEL:  Intermediate (Level 3)
SIZE: One Size
About 45 x 48 in. (114.5 x 122 cm)



150-126 Fishermen's Wool Yarn: Nature's Brown

Dark chocolate brown

Quantity needed: 3 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 38.97
Note: (A)

150-123 Fishermen's Wool Yarn: Oatmeal

Light taupe (darker than the Natural color)

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 12.99
Note: (B)

150-125 Fishermen's Wool Yarn: Brown Heather

Chocolate brown with strands of natural cream

Quantity needed: 2 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 25.98
Note: (C)

601-610 Bonbons Yarn: Brights

Acrylic: Magenta, purple, pink, yellow, lime, orange-red, orange, and turquoise

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (D)

601-620 Bonbons Yarn: Pastels

Acrylic: Pale pink, lavender, sky blue, medium blue, white, yellow, peach, and light green

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (E)

601-630 Bonbons Yarn: Beach

Cotton: Seafoam green, white, orange, turquoise, yellow, black, purple, and red

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (F)

601-640 Bonbons Yarn: Nature

Cotton: Green, dusty rose, palest lavender, purple, chocolate brown, tan, lightest yellow, and cream

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (G)

601-650 Bonbons Yarn: Party

Metallic: Sparkling taupe, teal, magenta, dark purple, gold, bronze, red, and copper

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (H)

601-660 Bonbons Yarn: Celebrate

Metallic: Sparkling peach, red, hot pink, purple, pea green, emerald, light blue, and dark blue

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 7.99
Note: (I)

Boye Aluminum Circular Knitting Needles 36 inches Size 08
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 6.85

Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6)
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 3.59

Additional Materials
Straight pins Sharp scissors Tailor's chalk in white and in blue (or another color that will show up on lighter color felt) Rotary cutter and cutting mat Metal ruler Quilter's safety pins Tissue paper Sewing needle and thread Sharp embroidery needle with large eye OPTIONAL MATERIALS Cardboard Tear away stabilizer
Exact gauges is not imporant to this project.


Afghan is worked in several steps.

First, all of yarns A, B and C are worked in St st (k on RS, p on WS) on circular needle to make large pieces.

These large pieces are then felted.

Octagons and Squares are cut from the felted fabric and then embroidered.

Embroidered pieces are sewn together to make the Afghan, then additional embroidery is added to the completed Afghan.


A circular needle is used to accommodate the large number of sts.

Work back and forth on circular needle as if working on straight needles.


FELTED PIECES (make 6 - 3 with A, 1 with B, 2 with C) With A, cast on 110 sts.

Work in St st (k on RS, p on WS), working back and forth on circular needle as if working on straight needles, until almost all yarn has been used.

Bind off.

Weave in ends.Repeat with all remaining skeins of A, B and C.

FeltingWash pieces by machine on a hot wash/cold rinse cycle with detergent and several pieces of clothing to agitate.

Pull into shape, then allow pieces to dry thoroughly.

CuttingThe next step is to cut Octagons and Squares from the felt colors of your choice.

Use white chalk to trace the shapes onto felt made with A or C and blue chalk to trace onto felt made with B.

Octagons (cut 40) Trace the Octagon shape onto tissue paper, then cut out along marked line.

There are 2 ways to transfer the Octagon shape onto the felt - simply choose the method that works best for you! 1.

With straight pins, pin the traced shape onto the felt.

With scissors, cut the felt just outside the edge of the tissue pattern.


Lay traced shape onto a piece of cardboard.

With pencil, draw around outside edge of tissue shape.

Remove the tissue shape from the cardboard, and cut along marked lines to make a cardboard octagon.For each Octagon, lay the cardboard octagon onto felt.

With tailor's chalk, trace around cardboard.

Remove cardboard and with scissors, cut the felt along the marked line.

Squares (cut 50)We found it easiest to cut the Squares using a ruler, rotary cutter and a cutting mat.

If using a rotary cutter to cut Squares, simply cut 2 1/2 in.

(6.5 cm) wide strips across the width of the felted fabric then cut off 2 1/2 in.

(6.5 cm) pieces.

If you prefer to cut with scissors, you'll need to draw the shapes onto the felt using tailor's chalk and a ruler, then cut along the marked lines using scissors.

Embroidery The next step is to embroider the Octagons.


The Afghan design is meant to encourage creativity allowing you to tell 'your' story.

Choose desired motifs from design motif patterns - L30043 - Friends and Family L30044 - Nature L30045 - Just for Fun L30046 - Letters L30047 - Numbers L30052 - Animals Change the size of the motifs as you like, or use your own designs! 2.

Trace desired motifs onto tissue or tear away stabilizer then cut them out leaving a border outside the traced lines.

With sewing needle and thread, baste each piece of tissue onto an Octagon.

Be sure to keep your basting stitches away from the traced lines of the motif.


Using embroidery sts as desired, and colors from the D-I yarn packs as desired, embroider motifs onto the Octagons.

We used simple embroidery sts - French knots, lots of straight stitch, cross stitch, back stitch, and stem stitch.


Clip the basting threads.

If you used tissue paper, dampen the tissue lightly then carefully remove the paper, leaving your embroidery stitches intact.


To remove stabilizer, follow the package directions.


With embroidery needle and D-I yarn colors as desired, work blanket st around the outside edge of each Octagon.


22 of the Squares are also embroidered.

These are the Squares that will be placed around the outside edge of the Afghan.

Again, creativity is encouraged! Embroider fewer Squares if you wish, with colors as desired.

We embroidered small free form motifs onto the Squares - simple things like wavy lines, scattered French knots or a few cross stitches.

AssemblyFind a large flat surface on which your work can remain undisturbed.

Lay out the Octagons into 8 rows of 5 Octagons each.

Fill in the spaces between Octagons with the Squares.

Place the embroidered Squares between the Octagons along the outside edges of the Afghan.

With quilter's safety pins, pin Octagons and Squares together along adjoining edges to hold everything in place.

From WS, with sewing needle and thread, whipstitch the pieces together.

FINISHING With D-I yarn colors as desired, embroider blanket st along the outside edges of each of the edging Squares.

beg = begin(s)(ning)
ch(s) = chain(s)
ch-space = space previously made
dc = double crochet
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
rnd(s) = round(s)
RS = right side
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sl st = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
ch(s) = chain(s)
ch-space = space previously made
dc = double crochet
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
rnd(s) = round(s)
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
sp(s) = space(s)
yo = yarn over
k = knit
p = purl
RS = right side
St st = Stockinette stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
WS = wrong side

Every effort has been made to have the knitting and crochet instructions accurate and complete. We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters and crocheters, human errors, or typographical mistakes.
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