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Adjustable Headband
Lion Brand® Bellini
Pattern Number: L20653

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner (Level 1)
SIZE: One Size
Finished Length Adjustable



929-202 Bellini Yarn: Naples

Rich teal and deep blue

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 9.49

Lion Brand Knitting Needles Size 11 [8 mm]
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 5.95

Additional Materials
Scrap yarn or narrow ribbon, about 2 yds. (2 m)
Due to the unique nature of this yarn, the techniques for working with it are specific to this particular yarn.


HEADBAND Note that Bellini yarn is constructed with a track along one edge.

The spaces in this track edge should be counted as holes.

Cast on 26 stitches as follows:

From end of yarn, skip the first 2 holes (this end of the yarn is the yarn tail), then insert your needle from back to front into the next hole.

Keeping this loop on your needle, insert your needle from back to front into each of the next 25 holes - 26 stitches (loops) on needle.

Without knitting any rows, bind off all stitches as follows:

One at a time, slip first 2 stitches from left needle to right needle.

With the tip of the left needle, lift the first stitch on the right needle up and over the second stitch and off the needle.

Slip the next stitch from the left needle to the right needle and repeat the previous step using the point of the left needle to lift the first stitch up and over the second stitch and off the needle.

Continue until all the stitches on the left needle have been bound off and one stitch remains on the right needle.

Cut the yarn and pull the tail through the last stitch and slip it off the needle.

FINISHING Cut scrap yarn or narrow ribbon into two pieces each about 1 yd.

(1 m) long.

Fold each piece in half and tie one piece to each end of headband.

Trim ends

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