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Rubber Band Bracelet
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Pattern Number: L32249 Use your Martha Stewart Crafts™ Knit & Weave Loom Kit to make a basic rubber band bracelet. Click here to see a video tutorial for this project. Or check out our other patterns.

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner (Level 1)
SIZE: One Size
As desired



Martha Stewart Crafts™ Knit & Weave Loom Kit
Quantity needed: 1
Estimated Price: $ 45.00

Additional Materials
Bracelet making rubber bands in colors as desired C-clip connectors for rubber bands


Loom Set upYou will use two 12-hole and 2 U-shaped loom pieces assembled to make a rectangle.

Insert 12 pegs each hole on long sides of rectangle for a total of 24 pegs.

BRACELET Set Up Lay loom on flat surface with short end facing you.


Slip one end of first rubber band around 1st left side peg.

Slip other end around 1st right side peg.


Slip one end of second rubber band around 1st right side peg.

Slip other end around 2nd left side peg.


Slip one end of third rubber band around 2nd left side peg.

Slip other end around 2nd right side peg.

Continue to slip rubber bands onto pegs of loom as before, always slipping the first end around the last peg used, and placing the second end on the opposite side of the loom on the next open peg, until 23 rubber bands have been placed and all pegs have at least one loop on them.

The first and last pegs will have one loop on each, all the rest will have two.

Looping Rubber Bands Turn loom around so that end with last rubber band placed is now closest to you.


With hook included with loom, and beginning with 1st right side peg (first peg that has 2 loops on it), insert hook from top to bottom through center of both loops and hook the bottom loop.

Lift the bottom loop up through the top loop (it now encloses the top loop) and slip it onto the 2nd left side peg (2nd left side peg now has 3 loops on it).


Insert hook from top to bottom through all loops on 2nd left side peg, hook the bottom loop and pull through both top loops (enclosing them) and slip it onto 2nd right side peg.


Insert hook from top to bottom through all loops on 2nd right side peg, hook the lowest loop and pull through both upper loops (enclosing them) and onto 3rd left side peg.

Continue to work back along all pegs of loom in order until all loops have been worked, each rubber band is folded around the band before it and there are 2 loops on each peg except the 2 closest to you which now have only 1 loop on each.

FINISHING Slip both loops from 12th right side peg into one end of a c-clip connector.

Gently pull up on Bracelet to remove all loops from loom.

Carefully snip and remove last rubber band and slip both loops of the previous folded rubber band through the opposite end of the c-clip connector to finish Bracelet.

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