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Holiday Twist Napkin Rings
Lion Brand® Trellis®
Pattern Number: None These pretty napkin rings are perfect for Chanukah and are a great project to make with kids!

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner (Level 1)
SIZE: One Size
1 3/4 inches [4.5 cm] tall, 4 inches [10 cm] in diameter



500-302 Trellis Yarn: Ocean Tranquil blues like waves with lively whitecaps.
Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 5.99
Additional Materials
- Two packages white oven-hardening plastic clay - One package black oven-hardening plastic clay - One package blue oven-hardening plastic clay - Ruler - Sharp knife - Soda straw - Straight-sided glass or rolling pin - Cookie tray


Unwrap each package of clay and knead in your hands until it is soft.

Put the all the white clay together and, using the glass or rolling pin, roll the clay flat, between 1/8 and 1/4 inches [30 - 60 mm] thick.

Cut the rolled clay into strips 1 1/2 tall and 4 inches wide [3.8 cm x 10 cm].

Using the remaining white clay, roll it thinly -- between 1/16 and 1/8 inch [15 mm - 30 mm] thick.

Using about a quarter of the blue and black clay, roll each to the same thickness.

Stack the clay -- white on the bottom, black in the middle, blue on the top.

Using the ruler, slice the edge straight; then slice a strip about 1/4 inch [60 mm] wide.

Hold one end of the strip and twist the other to create a diagonally striped cane.

Roll the cane very gently to smooth.

It will get longer and thinner during rolling, depending on the amount of pressure applied.

Place the canes adjacent to the long edges of the white clay as shown.

Roll gently so the canes and the white clay stick together.

Trim ends

Using the soda straw, poke two holes in the white clay.

These will be used to tie the ribbon onto the finished napkin ring.

Form the ring as shown, gently joining the canes and the white clay.

Place the napkin rings on a baking sheet and follow the manufacturer's instructions for baking the clay.

Note that the clay is dimensionally stable and will neither shrink nor expand during baking.

It also will not get smoother or change shape, so make sure that each ring is shaped exactly as you want it to be!

When removed from the oven, the rings will be slightly soft, but will harden as they cool
When the rings are cool, cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches [20 cm] long.

Thread it through the holes as shown.

Cut a second piece of yarn 8 inches [20 cm].

Wrap yarn around your hand 20 times, remove and tie in the middle as shown to make a bow.

Tie the bow onto the napkin ring and trim the ends.

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