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String Art Valentine's Wreath
Lion Brand® Lion® Cotton
Pattern Number: BK4K-20060105
This simple wreath -- a fun baby-sitting project for grade-schoolers -- is created by dipping cotton yarn in water-soluable school glue and forming it into lacy shapes and hearts.

Teachers: This is a great project for Valentine's Day, and can be done on a much smaller scale.

Instead of making a wreath with multiple hearts, make a doily and put one heart in the middle.

There are 236 yards in a ball of Lion Cotton, so if you have a class of 30, that is almost 16 yards of yarn (8 of each color) per student -- two balls will be plenty!

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner (Level 1)
SIZE: One Size
Size is not important to this project. The wreath shown is about 24 in in diameter [61 cm]

PUBLISHED IN: By Kids, For Kids



760-100 Lion Cotton Yarn: White

Crisp clean white.

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 6.99
Note: (A)

760-112 Lion Cotton Yarn: Poppy Red

Bright and bold red

Quantity needed: 1 Skeins
Estimated Price: $ 6.99
Note: (B)
Additional Materials
Red glitter (optional, but nice) white glitter (optional, but nice) Red (or white) sparkly pipe cleaners (optional, but nice) White School Glue Hot Glue Gun / hot glue Waxed Paper or non-stick cookie sheet. Ribbon


Pour the glue into a bowl, dilute with water if you want, but no more than one part water to four parts glue.

Cut a piece of waxed paper as big as you'd like your wreath.

If it's not wide enough, cut two sheets and lay them side by side.

If you'd like to make sure the wreath is round in the middle, place a bowl or a plate in the middle of the waxed paper to use to mark the center.

Cut about 3-4 yards (or less if you'd like to make little doilies) of the white cotton (A).

Dip it in the glue and make little lace-like loops with it on the waxed paper.

If you use up all the yarn and you don't think the wreath is thick or wide enough, you can always cut another piece of cotton and add more -- it is not important if there is an extra end or two because they will stick together! When you like the way the wreath or doily looks, and before it dries, cover it completely in glitter.

If you'd like to speed up the drying process, place the wreath in the oven at 150 degrees F for about 20 minutes.

While the wreath is drying, make the red hearts.

For the red hearts, you'll need another sheet of waxed paper, and more glue.

Dip the red cotton (B) into the glue and make hearts on the waxed paper.

Be creative! There is no such thing as a 'wrong' heart!! You can make the hearts small or large, and you can always add pipe cleaners or other decorations to them after they're dry to add a different texture.

When you've made as many hearts as you want.

Cover them in white or red glitter (or both!).

The hearts that look pink in the picture are the ones with the white glitter on them.

You can let the hearts dry naturally or pop them in the oven at low temperature.

When everything is dry, it's time to assemble it! First, you'll need to shake the extra glitter off.

This can, of course, be saved for a later project.

If the wreath isn't stable enough, go around the back a few times with the hot glue.

Working from the front, use the hot glue to attach the hearts to the wreath.

If you'd like, place a red ribbon at the top to hang it up!

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